Monday, 4 May 2009

Acquisition Opportunity - a European-based BPM company seeks buyer

Reference: 4AQRVA-5
Positioning Statement:
A pioneering company that enables their clients to get all of their stakeholders (management, employees plus external parties) to operate exactly according to agreed processes/rules. Their solution ensures that everyone involved in the company understands precisely their role, tasks, responsibilities and how they are expected to communicate and how to share knowledge.
Theirs is one of the few systems specifically positioned to assure top management that everyone is adhering to company compliancy procedures, thus avoiding unwanted or unexpected business risks and improving efficiency.

Company Type: Business Process Software Solutions Company

Services / Products:
· Flagship product is one core product to ensure tight compliance and risk management in and between companies. By deploying this solution, employees are never in the dark anymore of what is expected from them and how each of them can share his knowledge in a dynamic process.
· Companies can provide central business rules for people in remote locations. The remote locations can add their specific rules and knowledge. New or adjustments from the central head office can easily be incorporated into the version including local aspects.
· Simulation and entire or specific business rules or procedures gives detailed insight into bottlenecks or where operations can be improved.
· The content management system ensures tight integration between business rules/procedures and related content.

Employee Numbers: 60 Employees Total
Profitability: The company has been profitable in 2007 and 2008, and is expecting EBIT to exceed 12.5% in 2009.

2006 - €4.6M
2007 - €5.2M
2008 - €6M
2009 - €6.4M+

· Business Process Management
· Compliance
· Business Rules Management
· Business Analytics
· Content Management

Verticals Focus:
· Healthcare
· Government
· Financial Services
· Logistics
· Manufacturing

Further Information:
This company represents a unique solution in the compliancy and risk management market. Its solutions combined everything what companies try to achieve in documenting data and information in editors such as Word, spreadsheet and Vision for process modeling. It doesn’t replace it but it integrates it all into one repository, centrally managed and capable of providing everyone within a company a detailed view of his/her roles, tasks, responsibility and knowledge. This way management can easily control and oversee all aspects of running a company, avoiding unexpected risks or simulate new procedures or business rules.

Opportunity Highlights:
1. Large client base
2. Diverse client base (>1,000) covering multiple industries with specific and targeted solutions.
3. In depth industry knowledge in sectors such as Health care, Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing.
4. Unique application which solves specific compliance and risk Management issues at companies by ensuring that each employee or stakeholders knows exactly its roles, tasks, responsibilities etc.
5. Solidly growing company during last 3-4 years.

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