Thursday, 4 June 2009

North American Software Solutions Company

SALE Opportunity– A leading global provider of Microsoft® SharePoint™ products and solutions for Enterprise Collaborative Knowledge Management (CKM) systems.

Positioning Statement:
A deep focus on developing products to enhance and extend SharePoint™ functionality.
A key offering is a replication product for SharePoint, which allows users to keep information current across geographic barriers and collaborate in virtual teams across the country and the world. It is not a caching technology, but instead is true replication of the content to another SharePoint™ site. No client software is required to be installed.

Region: North America
Company Type: Software Solutions Company

Company Strengths:
· Fully compliant SharePoint products that operate within SharePoint
· Strong relationship with Microsoft and the SharePoint Development, Marketing and Sales teams
· Highly reliable product suite with a high level of customer satisfaction and a top global reputation
· Outstanding success in the government and military sector, a large well funded market
· Excellent base of globally-recognized customers; all provide excellent reference sites
· Solid recurring revenue stream from maintenance base
· Opportunity to take advantage of the meteoric rise in the SharePoint application space
· Few Competitors due to the high technical barriers to entry

Employee Numbers:
19 Employees Total
· 9 in R&D
· 3 Support
· 5 sales and Marketing
· 2 Management and Admin

The company has generated an EBIT of over 30 % annually during 2008 and is on track to meet or exceed that in 2009.
2008 – $3.5M
2009 - $5M
Growth rate over 20% in last 3 years
Verticals Focus:
Multiple verticals; horizontal solutions that are effective with global organizations with dispersed servers and databases of high value and importance.

Further Information:
Our client's solutions allow its users to achieve impressive results. This acquisition would allow your customers to:
· Achieve high speed, accurate, and secure global multi-directional replication of content from one server to another. It will enable branch offices, remote sites, and any global facility with challenged network connections.
· Provides the ability to replicate the look and feel of a SharePoint site to remote SharePoint sites. Replicate views, site settings, themes, navigation elements and selected web parts.
· Provides the capability to load large volumes of data into SharePoint™. Supports advanced features such as loading tasks, discussions as well as site and document library creation.
· Enhanced auditing of documents for Windows SharePoint™ Services and Portal Server 2003. Enables tracking when a document has been viewed in addition to other operations on a file.

Opportunity Highlights:
1. Proven product in operation with many highly recognized large global enterprises.
2. Dramatic growth in both revenue and earnings
3. Strong relationship with Microsoft with access to Content Management and SharePoint TeamsLarge global market opportunity with low current penetration rate